The Innovative Learning Environments and Student Experience Scoping Study is a one-year exploratory study leveraged off more than a decade of findings from a suite of research by the host group (LEaRN) and other key centres, industry R&Ds, and individual researchers around the world. That research has built a body of knowledge concerning the architectural and pedagogic design of innovative learning spaces, how to evaluate their effectiveness, and how to assist teachers to utilize those spaces for positive impact on student learning.  

Results from those projects indicate the next logical step is gathering quality data around students’ actual experiences in these spaces. However, this assumption requires testing; if we are to continue to build a logical, comprehensive research base that supports ILE design and effective use, the next project must have international relevance, must encompass the needs of education and allied industries, and must create data that directly informs infrastructure development and best practices in learning spaces. 

With over 70 participants in 20 teams we will explore where existing international research into ILEs has led us, what must be done next, and how the next steps in research should be designed.